Month: September 2019

Mascot Logos

Mascot Logo Logos, can you bring them to life? I often get asked that. The answer is yes! While not all logos will be transferable to an exact duplication, we can come very close. We made a wave mascot for The City of Nanaimo, BC. We designed a mascot that had a wave as his …

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How is a mascot Made?

How is a Mascot Made? Custom Mascot makes our mascots out of a closed cell foam. Each mascot is made individually not mass produced or the base made somewhere else and we just cover it. We make each mascot according to the designs, then mathematically bring the patterns to life so we can create the …

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How Can a Mascot Help?

How Can A Mascot Help? GREAT question. If you’re a company small or large a mascot will give you excellent marketing. The moment a mascot is walking around every eye is on them. Who is that? Look how cute it is? Oh, what’s it handing out? Can I have a handout or hug please. It’s …

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