Are Mascots Good For Children

Are Mascots Good For Children? Mascots for children under the age of 12 is not advised, even with supervision. All mascots have limited vision. Imagine a box on your head even with a large opening to see through. You limit downward vision, side vision, and the ability to see as you turn your head.

mascots for kids
mascots for children

Mascot Safety

That makes tripping and coordination very hard. Getting in and out of the mascot is hard too. Depending on design, they can be hard to walk in. Imagine your Halloween costume triple the size. Our advice is to keep the mascots for children to enjoy watching. Keep the magic of fantasy as they interact with that big bear or dog.

are mascots good for children

Mascots for Teens.
Custom Mascot specializes in making mascots for teens. They are shorter in foot length, smaller in head size and the bodies are made smaller.

We always make sure the vision lines are as wide as possible, and work with our clients on the designs that will be safe and comfortable to wear. Spats are recommended for young teens. Spats are fur covers that fit over the performers shoes. Full mascot feet are sculpted where you don’t wear a shoe and the mascots foot becomes your shoe.

We are often asked to make matching adult and child mascots. When we do that we down size every detail for comfort and safety. No matter who is inside the mascot, always be sure they are sent out with a chaperone.

It is important that they are comfortable inside the mascot, and know exactly how to get out of the mascot when needed. Go over all the safety protocols. A safe and comfortable performer, makes for a fun mascot for everyone to enjoy.

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