How is a Mascot Made?

Custom Mascot makes our mascots out of a closed cell foam. Each mascot is made individually not mass produced or the base made somewhere else and we just cover it. We make each mascot according to the designs, then mathematically bring the patterns to life so we can create the exact look you need. Our mascots are made with closed cell because it is super light, durable and will not retain bacteria or odors. After the form is made we then sculpt the features with a soft foam depending on the design. This gives the expressions, cheeks, ears etc. This is done one at a time by hand, in our shop. It takes on average 160 hours to make a custom mascot.

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Custom Mascot Design

Foam Injected Forms
These kind of heads are mass produced, heavy, and hot. There rarely is room for a fan system and a machine makes them.

Fiberglass Heads
These again are mass produced, hot and heavy. They also are hard to touch, and have a helmet inside which also adds to the weight and lack of comfort. Fans can be installed but the helmet restricts the benefit of the air flow.

Paper Mache
JUST DON”T DO IT. They fall apart and will never hold up. There are several types of mascots we made UNIBODY style where the head and body are one unit, example a box, a ball, a hot dog. The forms are still made with Closed cell foam but they do not come apart at the head, our unibody style mascots still come with a fan system. Plus a sleeve unit, gloves, pants and mascot feet.There are several body styles available: the large round body, the full muscle body, the slim body and everything in between.

foam injected mold
custom mascot design
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Choosing a Mascot Manufacturer

Some great questions are:
Do you make them in house?
Do you provide photos of it being made?
Do you use standard patterns?
What do you make the heads or unibodies out of? And why?

These questions will help you make the best choice for you where to go and what you need. It’s your mascot be sure you get exactly what you need.

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