Why A Custom Mascot?

Custom mascots are 100% original, making them ideal for market branding.
You would not want to show up at an event with a mascot someone else is wearing. Or worse still a mascot falling apart at the seams. Mascots are a unique way of saying this is who I am. They represent your company, your event, city or town, school or team. They show pride in who you are what and what you are doing.

custom mascot design

Taking your mascot to the next level is marketing your mascot.
Showing up at events, handing out items with your mascots photo on them. Imagine handing a child a special water bottle with the photo of your mascot on it. Letting them embrace the encounter they had with your mascot. A t-shirt with a photo of the mascot in action. A stuffed animal. The sky is the limit.

Our mascots are made to last.
On average they last at least 5 plus years, and many are still going strong 10 years later. Sadly, most pre-made mascots will not last one full season, even with regular cleanings. Our mascots come with a 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects. We are that confident in our product.

RCMP Mascot

Custom Mascot takes care to create the exact look you want.
All furs are matched so you’re not getting a mascot with one fur for the head and another for the body and yet another for the feet or gloves. All the parts are carefully made to order in our shop. Getting photos of your mascot coming to life is an extra treat. Knowing your mascot is being made and created just for you. Each seam is double stitched, vision lines double and triple checked for comfort and safety. Little details like forward and downward vision.

Boston Pizza Mascot

Our staff works one on one with you on each detail that you require so the mascot not only is the character you need but the utmost comfort and safety for the performer in the environment they will be performing in.

Do you need your mascot to wear a uniform?
The mascot be able to change into outfits depending where they are performing or season, they are out in. Do you have a logo you need on the mascot that allows people to recognise from a distance? Do they need to sign papers, hand out things or just give hugs? These little details our staff will work out with you so those requirements are addressed in the design.

Do you want a mascot in a specific color?
Not all cats need to be black or white they can be purple, green, or even sky blue. Do you want a male or female mascot? What about two looks in one where the same head can wear different body styles, or the same body style can wear different heads, different hands, or different feet. That’s the benefit of a Custom Mascot. No guesswork.

world mascots

Some of the first questions we ask?
Do you want your mascot mean or friendly? Who is wearing your mascot? Where do you plan to perform? Do you have any corporate colors you would like to be incorporated into your mascot design? What type of character do you want? Do you have a design or do you need one? We offer free designs and quotes. We do hold the copyright on all design work till you buy the design, then it’s your to do with a you wish. We have worked with several children’s books bringing characters to life for them. We can work with your design team or marketing team or one on one with you. We don’t leave you hanging once you get your mascot. If you’re looking for ideas how to market your mascot or performance tips we’re only a phone call away.

custom designed character costumes

For more information, please visit: https://custommascot.ca
Phone: 1-780-619-5088
Email: info@custommascot.ca

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