How Can A Mascot Help?

GREAT question. If you’re a company small or large a mascot will give you excellent marketing. The moment a mascot is walking around every eye is on them. Who is that? Look how cute it is? Oh, what’s it handing out? Can I have a handout or hug please. It’s contagious; that smile and warm happy feeling when you see a mascot. As soon as you get your mascot notify your local city or town office, let them know you would like to be invited to any and all events they are having, let them know your mascot will be happy to show up and provide hours of fun for the people in attendance.

School Mascots

Schools with a mascot show school pride. Everyone loves to watch the antics of the school mascot on the side lines. Our school mascots are designed to be able to wear your school uniform, to fit performers from 5’2 – 6 foot. Our special treads do not leave scuff marks on the gym floor. Each mascot is unique and come with a fan system inside each head.

Community events are always more active and exciting when a mascot shows up. 

t-mobile mascot

How can I market my mascot?

We get asked this always. When you have a custom mascot, your guaranteed no one will show up with your mascot. That would be number one. If you just get a shelf mascot or mass-produced mascot you stand the risk of someone else showing up in the same mascot.

Photo Booth. Set up a nice photo booth where kids or adults can come get a photo and get to have a transfer to put on a t-shirt or photo of them and the mascot. It’s not just for Santa you know. Every mascot and event can do that.

Stuffed animals of the mascot. What a great way to take the mascot home with you. We often work with stuffed animal companies on mascot designs to make sure the mascot and stuffed animal are the same. 

mascot comfort

We don’t like to see mascots stuffed in a closet not being used. We make our mascots so they are easy to clean, our company moto we make performer friendly mascots, is a statement we take pride in. All our mascots are designed and made with the comfort and safety of the performer. Just one inch to long and a foot can me unsafe, a vision line is 8 inches from your shoulder we make sure the vision line gives you as much vision as possible.

There is not a school, company or event that would not benefit from a mascot. When you pay for signage to promote your company how many people walk right past it not paying attention. Yet who walks past a mascot without a smile, high five, or hug.  

What kind of mascot would be best for your company? Give us a call we will be happy to brain storm ideas with you. We work hard to fit most budgets.  The average life of our mascots is 10 years or more.  We build them to be used, and loved for years.

custom designed character costumes
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