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Logos, can you bring them to life? I often get asked that. The answer is yes! While not all logos will be transferable to an exact duplication, we can come very close. We made a wave mascot for The City of Nanaimo, BC. We designed a mascot that had a wave as his hair, we incorporated the corporate colors and for added fun, and put a small boat and a whale on the head tucked into the wave.

boston pizza l=mascot

Company Logos

Of course another way to incorporate your logo into the mascot design is the standard logo on the shirt or belly of the mascot. Boston Pizza had the cartoon character on the menus that became the look for the mascot. Goodwill is known for the smiling G, so we put that on the front of the mascot and incorporated that into the design.

T-Mobile Mascot

T- Mobile has the T. What better way to bring it to life then on the front of a phone. 

Don’t let a logo make you afraid to explore it as a mascot. Our trained staff work one on one with you bringing that logo to life in your own unique way.

Corporate colors are also a great way to bring your mascot into your company theme. Now your mascot becomes a member of the team and helps promote your company at trade shows, festivals, community events, and corporate functions.

No matter where your custom mascot goes, everyone will know exactly who it is and come for that special hug or photo. Let your mascot represent who you are.

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